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Some work   for sale

Carved sculpture is mostly done to order - give me an idea - or come and visit our site near Diss, Norfolk. -  then we could work out something special or  more personal .  

  The "Green Man " seat below I did in June for  a birthday  present.


call me for details    -      click on pictures for  a bigger picture



 Chainsaw carvings

        Angel 2004    

Chainsaw carving in Brown Oak from a tree felled on Sandringham estate, Norfolk.

Height 12 feet Weight approx 1.5 tons                                       6500



Whale Seat   in Red Cedar   4-5ft  long       1600


 Dragon 7       Cedar                            140


 ' Handy Seat'     2003        Oak    6Ft long     2600 (sold)


Gnome 2                     Red Cedar            380


Gnome 3         Poplar                   270

Owl      3ft     Oak      280(sold)




 ' Enneagram  2001 '     Glazed ceramic   4ft diam.  3333


 ' Cogcircle '    2ft 6 ins diam       Glazed Ceramic     1000

 ' Whatever  Happened to all the Dinosaurs ?'      2ft6ins    Ceramic   1200


 'Four Small Animals '     3ft diam  Tile and Ceramic   1400



'The Process of Creation '     Oil on Canvas  4ftx3ft  1400


'Fashionable '   Oil on canvas on wood    3ftx 10ins     1800(sold)


 'Earwigo Moth'    4ftx4ft  Oil on MDF   700



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